Issues and solution of iPhone's

 are the best smart phone you can have nowadays these have the best features this smart phone was developed by the Apple Company. There are some problems that are associated with these smart phones here I am going to discuss some of the very common problem and their fixes if you want to take help from the support team of the iPhone then you can also call to the iphone customer service and resolve your issue. 

Common issue and solution of iPhone 

Ø  Data loss 

Whenever you make a project on the computer you save your data on the external disk like this on your smart phone you can save your data on iTunes and iCloud because several time this happens when you phone crashes you lose your data but if you store the data on the iTunes and iCloud then in this case you can retrieve your data you can also save your important file on the external files that includes the important photo, music, movies, apps. When you do this you will never face the data loss issue 

Ø  Overheating 

This issue can often happen when you use your device for a long span of time if you have this kind of issue then you can solve this simple step just use your device for some time and take a break this break gives processor time to cool down or if you use multiple programs simultaneously then also this overheating issue occurs always prefer to close the programs that you are not using this will put less pressure on your device processor and this results in less heating of your device. 

Ø  Battery drain 

This is the most common issue that almost every iPhone user faces this is mainly happen when you use your phone for the longest time for playing game on that or watching video on YouTube in this case the smart phone will use more battery and that results in early drainage of your battery to avoid this you can turn off the applications that you are not using if you notice that any specific application is using more battery then remove that application or choose an alternative for that. 

If your issue is not resolved by these steps then you can contact the customer support team of the iPhone they will help you in the best possible ways for the support number you can visit our website